Bangladesh: Future of Online Freelancing Marketplace

Freelancing has become a buzz word in Bangladesh nowadays. Before starting doing freelancing a person need to know what freelancing is? Freelancing is a job sector where a person performs for several clients and the person who performs the job, called as a Freelancer. All freelancers need to keep in mind that, they need to work hard unless it is tough to survive in the freelancing marketplace.

Why is Bangladeshis Intended to work as a freelancer?

Bangladeshi freelancers are doing well in the different freelancing marketplace. Young lads and freshers, who have just completed their graduations are mostly interested in freelancing. A recent study shows that these young generations are going to earn around $100 million in a year within 2020, only working from home. As the working hour is flexible and due to the advancement of the technology, more and more young Bangladeshis are started working as a freelancer.

The country manager of Elance-oDesk Mr. Saidur Mamun Khan expressed, “In the country, many people are intending to start their career as a freelancer because of the flexible working hour and earning.”

Also, there is no sufficient opportunity for the graduates in the job market and the job which they are getting, are not with good quality. This is the other reason behind the growing popularity of freelancing work. Every year, about 2 lakh graduates are entering the job market, but job opportunity is very less.

Freelancing Jobs

The types of online freelancing work are endless. Every day so many new types of jobs are created. But as it is said earlier, skill is the must in this sector. Without skill, one cannot survive for long.  Software development, customer service, data entry, writing, editing, blogging, accounting, mobile app development, web development, search engine optimization, graphic design, and translations are such type of jobs provided by the Bangladeshis. A person needs to search for these jobs in the right place because these jobs are not posted in any newspaper or on a poster. By following proper strategy, one can easily earn money. Even a photographer also can earn money be selling his/her photograph.

Set your goal, do your best and success will come to you without any doubt. Increase your skill on the sector you would like to start working. Bangladesh is going to be the future of online freelancing.

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