What is Freelancing?

A freelance business is a business model which permits a person to start virtually working and it can start within a very short period. All is required to have some passion for continuing this profession. Many of us think that freelancing is for the creative professionals but this business model has much more. So, freelancing means “A business started by a person that provide a service” and the person who does freelancing is known as “Freelancer”.


Types of freelancer: Several types of freelancer are out there in the freelancing marketplace. Every freelancer are having different goal and expectations for their business. A recent survey which is named “Freelancing in America: A National Survey of the new Workforce” done by the Freelancing Society of America stated that there are 5 types of freelancer. Let’s find the different categories of freelancers out there


1. Independent Freelancer: Maximum freelancer of the world are an independent freelancer. They work as a freelancer for full time. Usually, independent freelancers are hired project to project basis. As a freelancer, the person needs to create co-ordination with different types of people which offer different tastes in the life. A professional freelancer needs to work hard as their next project is depending on the current project.


2. Moonlighters: This types of freelancer usually work after the traditional job (9 – 5). Usually, they work during night only. Basically, moonlighters do the freelancing job to supplement their monthly income. These freelancers do a little of the both and manage.


3. Diversified Freelancer: They are the “octopi” of the freelancing community. Moonlight freelancers work during the night. On the other hand, diversified freelancers complete tasks throughout the day. A diversified freelancer has more than one traditional or part time job. Like, a diversified freelancer may do web design work on the weekends and some other works in the balanced days.


4. Single Contract Freelancer: Usually, this kind of freelancer do work for only one client as a fix term contract. If you would like to take a certain break after the end of every project, this is the best suited for you then. But the problem of being this type of freelancer is, you have to depend on only one income source.


5. Freelance Business Owner: If you have at least 5 employees in your company, then you are under the freelance business owner. If you already establish yourself as a freelancer and you are overloaded with workings and cannot keep the pace with the demand for your service, then you need to expand your business and hire others.


To sum up, it can be said that a freelancer is a person who is self-employed. Freelancing has a lot of advantages as well like flexibility, affordability, time efficient and much more. However, the rapid growth of freelancing is giving us more freelancer and more options as well.

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