How to Write an Attractive Upwork Profile Overview ?

Many of us do not think that Upwork Profile overview is an important part of the profile as it informs the client about your service. Also, we struggle to find out the appropriate word for the overview. Even, we do not realize that a well-written overview can give us many opportunities than we get. If you are thinking, your overview is not good enough then you are at the right place as from below you will get the idea on how well you can write your profile overview at upwork.

  1.    Write down the best information in the beginning of the Overview

Usually, a client gets a lot of application against the job he or she has been posted at upwork. It is true that clients do not read all the application as they do not have enough time to go through all the application one by one. So, if the beginning of the overview catch the eyes of the client and they feel interested in you then there will be a possibility to contact you for an interview.

  1.    Be Professional

If you already started your overview using “Hi or Hello or Dear Sir” or “Thank you for having a look at my profile” then you have already done a big mistake as these are very unprofessional. You have enough time to greet your client. Also, do not give any statement which shows you are not serious about the work like “I am a college student looking for work”. So, make the overview more professional like mentioning “why you are different from other contractors”.

  1.    Keep it simple, Keep it short

Profile overview does not mean it has to be your biography. Profile overview has to be short as possible. Mentioning little jobs that you have done here and there will not be helpful to win a job. Even it is not a good practice also. To show a strong message to your client, the overview has to be well constructed. Do not think, if you found that your overview has become short and within one paragraph. Just try to keep the overview simple and short.

  1.    Consider why a client needs your service

The goal of a client is to hire a freelancer who can provide the best work for the client. A profile overview can let the client understand that you are the right person for his or her project only by looking at your profile. Like, if you are an article writer, you should state on your overview that your written article will help to increase the traffic of your hirer’s website.  Just, promise that you can deliver the best work for your client.

A well-written profile overview is the best way to introduce your service to the potential clients. Develop a strategy by following the above tips so that a client feel interested in taking the service from you.

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